Monday, March 25, 2013

Have a holly, jolly Christmas; it's hotter than hell...

FINALLY!  Care packages!  The oldest was sent in November.  There were Christmas cards inside.  Apparently they've been sitting in some warehouse Lord knows where.  It matters not; they are here now and mine, all mine!

Now I don't suppose you can just sit in some Cameroonian prison and walk away with no scars.  Two of them sufferred attacks from mice (judging by the size of the holes, they were nothing like the rat demon that haunts my home).  Losses were minimal, but acute.
Found the cheese... Why, God?  Why?
I cannot express how awesome a day was this day.  So many delicious things.  Candies and cookies and sauces and shit I can bake into brownies and cakes!  CHEESE-ITS.  I'm going to have blueberry fucking muffins!  There are tears.  I cannot express this level of graditude.  CHIPS.

Look at all the loot!
There were probably other things of worth in that vast pile, but under the circumstances our more primitive nature surfaces.  Food.  I love you, food.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! I will keep your $2's safe and sound until you return!! I'm sending you lots of love and huge hugs!!
    Love always,
    Aunt Daphne

  2. Yay! I'm happy you are getting a little taste of home. I hope that alleviates your Cameroonian blues.