Friday, April 6, 2012

Adieu DC.

I usually deal with goodbyes by ignoring them.  Completely if possible.  My go to line is something like: "This isn't goodbye; I'll swing by one last time before I'm off."  Sometimes it's true, sometimes it isn't.  Regardless, it does a fine job of dodging the mushy hugs and teary eyes.  Of which everyone must face when confronted with a life without yours truly.

Though, if there is anything good to say about goodbyes, it is that they really clarify what's important in your life.  The last month or so in DC has done a lot of that for me.  I met a lot of important people while over the last few years and I just wanted to thank them for the good times.

Everyone at work was more than spectacular.  I was really taken aback by how everyone reacted to my decision to jump ship.  Hell, I half wondered if all their praise and admiration for the journey were really just escaped joy at getting rid of me.  My boss Ricky must have clarified a hundred times that I was in fact a valued employee and going to be a loss to the team.  Instead of just saying he thinks this little adventure will be awesome.  I was really surprised that Carmen, my customer, and her team wanted to take me out to lunch.  I knew my work was appreciated/worshiped, but it was incredibly heartwarming for them to go the extra mile.  The same has to be said of JMA Solutions.  I've always enjoyed the many chats and discussions I've had with Jan and Ronnette.  They simply run a great team of people who will all be missed.  In fact, if anything can be said of my team at Allied Tech and the group at JMA, it is that they take care of their own.  A bit like family.  Particularly the one who, like my mother, is always trying to marry me off; you know who you are.  Anyway, thanks to you all and keep in touch.

That way I can use you all as contacts when I'm job hunting in the future.

To the rest of my chums in DC, hats off to you.  I'm going to have to go on a cleansing prior to departure if I'm to survive.  The number of people who demanded a last night of dinner and drinks have made me fat and happy.  They may also be the cause of my suffering from what appears to be withdrawal.  Pete and Johno, you guys threw me one hell of a going away bash.  And everyone who showed up chipped in; whether it was with cake, a pinata, or my favorite brews (though I might shouldn't have started with dark and stormys), it was quite the time.  Obviously, five rounds of trivia based on my life can't be topped.  Even if it is slightly disturbing to have so much knowledge about me collected in one place.  My man of mystery persona might be damaged a bit, but the ego boost was well worth it.

Seriously though, thanks to you all.  And I did mean it when I said I'd try to get back up there before I disappear.  If only because Mike promised me a day on the boat.  And I'm not the sort of man to turn down the opportunity of drinking bloody caesars while floating on the water.


  1. I heard about Mali and worried about you and hoped you did not go!
    I am glad you did not go. Relax and fish all summer! Hee, Hee! or work part time with Rick!

  2. Dale....really I hope the best for you.

  3. can attend Zumba class with me and country line dancing!!!! Probably not!!! Miss ya, Debbie

    1. Haha, Zumba might actually be fun... but the commute to DC (or Maryland?) might be a bit too far from NC! I think I may just enjoy my time off and find something to do at the beach!

    2. Hi Dale....I am not sure where you are in NC, but I am going to Lake Gaston, NC with the Herbert gang on 7/5 for about 4 days it should be a blast! Keep in touch! Debbie