Saturday, June 14, 2014

Photo Blog: People of Mbakaou

This is just a bunch of pictures of the people of Mbakaou.

Djaro Beupere which just means chief father-in-law.  Mostly because he asks me when I'm coming to pick up my wife from him every time I see him.  Also he's one of the two chiefs.
Getting a shave.  These are some of my friends I sit with every day.  The man in the chair in the back is the Imam.
Some of the guys I hang out with by the call box where I buy credit for my phone and never call you with it.
My buddy Kajiri.  He's decided I know enough Fulfulde (I don't) and keeps trying to teach me Houssa.  Behind his is the main drag into town.
Caitlin visiting me with her friend Joe who came all the way from the Extreme North.  In front of our grand village plaza.  Looks better when there is actually an event of some kind.
My back courtyard with my friend Assa.
The Prince of Mbakaou, none other than Alhadji Awal.  My best bud.  This is actually in Tibati, I just like that the moto is packed with furniture. 
Elie here, one of the few guys from Mbakaou to discover my blog and download pictures.  He demanded that I post his.  Behind him is the village garage.
On the right is The General whose actual name I discovered was Dale... Weird.  There are practicing for choir.
Drinking homemade beer by the road on the way to the market.
And of course me.  Being awesome.

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