Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Those of us whose relationship goes beyond this blog probably saw pictures fly up on Facebook.  You may have noticed that I'm pretty shitty about posting pictures.  Luckily not all the volunteers are so slack.  A grand thanks to Jaclyn who is responsible for eighty percent of what goes up online.  This does weight what you see toward our vacationing and partying.  I promise my life isn't like that the vast majority of the time…  It has just been that way from the past month.

After all that hard, hard work during training--all those late nights playing capture the flag and discovering a bar that actually had DRAFT BEER--I needed a little vacation.  It was actually slightly forced upon me as anyone who regularly reads  BBC might know.  All the same, I headed west to the closest ocean available: Kribi beach.
It was, as all oceans are, beautiful.  Plus westward oceans get sunsets!
 I spent four or so days there.  A whole mess of us went and basically took over a small resort there.  I stayed a bit farther away with a smaller group under the slightly pampered conditions of hot water, fresh towels, A/C, and a beach-side pool.  Regret nothing.  We had bonfires and drank wine on the beach under stars.  I ate pizza, spaghetti carabona, and the greatest shrimp ever (three separate times!).  The African sun is not something you toy with and the majority of us have grown pasty hiding from it.  We fried ourselves lounging on the beach.  It was a fantastic vacation.

Oh, one last awesome fact about Kribi: waterfalls.  They have waterfalls that flow right into the sea.  It's majestic and magical and all that.  Though it did feel a bit too touristy and I kinda prefer hiking to something more secluded.  Still swimming in the ocean near crashing waterfalls is a nice way to spend the day.

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