Saturday, August 10, 2013

Picture Post! Lake Mbakaou

You've been a good bunch so today you are rewarded with a picture post!  Seriously though, I forgot to mention it, but we broke 10,000 page views a little while ago.  I mean half are me trying to see if it uploaded correctly and the other half I would assume are my lovely mother reloading constantly to see if I've updated(Mom, I'll teach you some tricks so that it will tell YOU when I've updated.)

I took a little tour of Lake Mbakaou.  I take walks there pretty regularly where I run into surprised Africans who ask me if I'm lost and then wonder at how I, the white man, walked there.  "But you aren't accustomed to walking!"  It's awesome.  Right now the whole thing is practically full since rainy season is in full swing (every. damn. day.).  Lots of my paths are flooded, but from atop the dam it's like looking at the ocean.

That's the view from the road.  You can see the path in the grass on the left.

All that is flooded at the moment.
This is the main creek that ran out to the river.
One of the sort of ponds that flows into the lake.
This is a pretty good view of the lake.  You can see a couple fishermen out on canoes.
One of their canoes locked up on a stump.

And finally a closeup of their canoes.

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