Friday, February 15, 2013

Has it been awhile?

It probably doesn't feel like long to you.  I think it's been, what, three weeks?  Which really isn't that long.  But damn if it doesn't feel like forever to me.  Internet/information isolation is... a foreign concept and one that I haven't really gotten a grasp of just yet.  Sometimes I find myself wondering how the hell people did this back in the day of snail mail.  I'd have to write a letter every damn day to ensure enough people responded to keep me from losing my mind.  Just need that good ole fashion American English on the occasion.

Things are running smoothly at post.  I've been busy.  Projects are starting to form and roll out.  I just helped open a boutique.  Doesn't really sound health related and I'll admit it's a stretch, BUT it's a boutique that specializes in selling products produced by women's groups in the Bogo arrondissement (region?  district?).  We'll have to see if anyone shops there, but the cool thing is it is a great way to introduce new (hopefully better and nutritious)  food products.  So that's women advancement (which is basically health as women with dollars tend to spend 'em on family) and tasty food variety!  HEALTH.

I've also finished my needs assessment report.  Well the rough draft at least.  I'm currently on my way down south to have a couple weeks of training with Peace Corps.  My lovely counterpart will be going with.  We'll be combining all the info from the needs assessment with training to hopefully make me a more effective and productive volunteer.  Poor bastards don't stand a chance.  That can be taken so many ways...

Anyway, I should be relatively connected for the next bit.  That means you beautiful people can expect more of what you know and love.  Me.

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  1. Hooray! It had been too long since you've updated!