Friday, December 28, 2012

The River

My town is built along a river as many towns are.  I've yet to see the river, but I hear it is lovely.  You see, there just is absolutely no water at the moment.  It hasn't rained since I arrived and it apparently won't rain for another four months or so.  It's very odd to just leave things outside and know with absolute certainty that they won't get wet.

A view of the "river" from the main bride.
Apparently all of this fills up with the rains and more so.  A large area around the river floods yearly.  
Here you can see the bridge from the river basin.
Kids play down where the water run now and I actually gave a short little English lesson sitting in the sand.  Lots of the areas in my region feel like they could be the beach and the ocean is just hiding over the next hill.  I miss the ocean.

This is a "bridge" on the other side of town.
The above bridge washes away when the rains come and you have to go around to the bigger bridge to get a car or moto to the other side.  Personally, I look forward to taking one of the little boats to cross.

Suckers like these just wait for months before they get some use.
I will try to get some good pictures out on the water whenever the season comes so you can all see how different it gets.


  1. Hey dude, just making sure you know that "river" is water less. Speaking of which, our condo is "beach front." Who knew! Cheers brother. -John O.

    1. Both of these things become true with massive amounts of flooding involved! Hizzah!