Friday, November 9, 2012

Bogo, Cameroon

Bogo, Cameroon.  My post.  My soon to be home.  My life for the next two years.

I know almost nothing about it.  I'll be the first health volunteer there though they have had an agricultural volunteer before.  It's a fairly large town compared with a lot of other posts.  I won't have water.  I should have electricity.  Might have internet.  It will be hotter than the blazes of hell, as in a high of 130 degrees Fahrenheit.  In the shade apparently.

It's really close to the capital of the region--the Extreme North--called Maroua.  You might actually be able to find information about that place.  Feel free to clue me in via email.  I won't actually see anything till I move there in two weeks.

I'ma have to learn another language on top of French called Fulfulde.  That should be fun.  And... yea.  Basically, from everything I can tell, all systems are go.  The plan is coming along nicely.

I should be an African cowboy before you can blink.


  1. Dale, my Daughter, Erin Canter is my Daughter...and I heard that she too is going to Bogo! She said 2 other folks going too...perhaps you are one of these companions? She's into agri-resource management. Wow, hot isn't the right term for 130 in the shade...though I do see it 81 at midnight tonight...
    Good luck, and if you see Erin...tell her 'Dad says hello'...

  2. There's not even a wikipedia entry on this place! I'm not amused....

  3. You KNOW that BOGo is small when THIS BLOG shows up on page 2 of Google's search results!! there is some decent photos of it on a previous PCV's facebook. check out Beth Week's FB -

  4. You wanted an adventure, I think you're going to get one! Make sure you wear a hat - reliable access to sunscreen is probably a little much to ask and you look like the burn badly type. I know you'll do fine and you'll do a lot of good work there. I hope you can post again after you get settled.