Thursday, June 21, 2012


So I finally actually went to a yoga class.  Women's work, I know, but I have been fairly interested since I started P90X over a year ago (and I've never been opposed to being the only guy in a room full of ladies).  For those of you unaware, P90X has a yoga day that you do at least once a week for the whole three month program.  And it will kick you mother-lovin' ass.  Fuck you Adam, with your perfect abs and unquivering poses…

I've been doing P90X again this summer.  I'll admit it will never be as intense as the first time I ran through the program with Howie, my roommie in DC--I miss that competition or me trying to keep up--but it costs no gym membership and I've got to do something if I'm going to lounge on the beach every day.  Or show my cheeks to the night sky.  I figured a yoga class would be easy and I could tack it on to my routine.

Nope.  Tony Horton of P90X fame did not prepare me for the variety of poses and shit that instructor can come up with.  Eagle pose?  Just google that for a second.  And they just stand there for like… a long time.  THAT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE AN EAGLE.  Taking these fuckers to the zoo…

I will say that it is quite refreshing.  They do the shavasana pose to cool down at the end.  Basically you just lay dead on the floor for like 5 minutes.  You are supposed to stay in the moment all meditation like, but it's mostly nap time.  Some people even put on sweaters and such (ostensibly so their body doesn't cool too quick and get muscle cramps).  I'ma bring a blanket next time!

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